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Aug 1, 2013 9:00pm PDT
cases. it took place here in the yakima valley in washington state, the center of the nation's multi-billion-dollar apple industry. the case was against one of the largest apple growers in the country, evans fruit, whose orchards blanket the yakima valley. evans produces hundreds of millions of apples every year, employing thousands of seasonal laborers. the person at the center of the case was the long-time foreman of evans fruit's rattlesnake ranch, juan marin. >> bergman: women workers at evans fruit say that juan marin's sexual harassment had been an open secret for decades. but they were too afraid to speak out against their foreman. >> bergman: in the summer of 2006, a mother brought her 15-year-old daughter to work at evans fruit. >> bergman: according to angela mendoza, juan marin's harassment caught him groping her daughter. angela and jacqueline quit and filed complaints with the eeoc against evans fruit. over the next four years, as the eeoc investigation continued, women in the yakima valley began coming forward one by one. the women accused juan marin of propositioning t
Aug 22, 2013 9:00pm PDT
julian assange unveiled the footage at a press conference in washington. >> the material is dramatic. it was classified... um, is still classified. >> they're taking him. >> there were a lot of people that were in favor of just publishing it. it seems that julian had this crazy idea right in the beginning to sell it. >> there was a news agency that tried very hard to get hold of this. >> his idea was to market it for $1 million exclusively to cnn or someone else who would be interested. >> the material itself, you see, is significant and important. >> smith: in the end, assange edited the material into a short presentation with a provocative title-- "collateral murder." >> you can identify the journalists immediately by the cameras they are carrying, by the camera bags. >> smith: over the next year, the video would be seen on youtube over 11 million times. were you satisfied with the impact of the video? did it achieve the result that you had hoped? >> it was pretty close. could we have structured things, structured various deals, economic incentives and so on, to get an even bigger
Aug 29, 2013 9:00pm PDT
! >> moyers: and would soon be stationed in washington, d.c., at the pentagon. >> navy washington operator #30, how may i assist you? >> moyers: older brother keith, meanwhile, was now a senior at alabama state and on his own financially. he had some aid and worked two jobs: as a resident assistant in his dorm and the organist at his church. but when we visited in 1999, we found him on the verge of being kicked out for nonpayment. >> so what i do usually is, i just have to go inside the credit card and pay for it through credit cards, and that's the only way i can do it. and if that's what it takes to stay in school, that's what i'm going to do to stay in school. my current balance for this credit card is $2,574.68. the interest on this is, i believe, it's 23%, close to 24%. "no fee first year. apply now." they're everywhere. >> moyers: back home in milwaukee, keith's parents had decided to strike out on their own to become entrepreneurs. borrowing against their home, they bought a central city office building where jackie could start her own real estate firm and claude could set up shop as a
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3